Former Agents of the FBI Foundation - Disaster Relief Program

The Heart of the Society

The Disaster Relief Program assists Society members and their families, as well as FBI personnel, who suffer financial hardship as a result of a natural disaster.

The Foundation responded to the needs of those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Andrew that struck southern Florida and the Gulf Coast states in 1992. Closely following the hurricane the Pacific Ocean typhoon Iniki struck the island of Guam, and the Foundation immediately offered assistance to Society members and current FBI personnel on the island.

Also in 1992, a Society member, who had devoted several years to construction of a permanent residence, saw it completely destroyed in an earthquake. The Foundation provided immediate cash assistance to mitigate some of the impact of the loss of his home.

In 1994, the Foundation learned of members who suffered  losses as a result of the North Ridge, CA, earthquake, and donated cash to the Relief Fund set up in the FBI's Los Angeles Division. Individual cash grants also were made to Society members whose homes were severely damaged.

To apply for assistance or to report a need, contact the Foundation at (703) 445-0026.

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