FBI Retirement Card

Instructions for Applying for a replacement for your FBI retired Card

If you have previously received an FBI retirement card from the FBI with your picture on it and an indication that you retired in good standing and the card gets lost or stolen, you can apply for one free replacement card.

Send your official Bureau name and request to Dreddrick Brown at [email protected].


Replacement of FBI Retirement Credentials

Instructions for Retirement Credentials

If an Agent retires in “good standing” with the FBI, they are issued a retired credential and a plastic identification card indicating they have retired from the FBI in good standing. Both of these identification documents bear the picture and signature of the retired Agent.

If either of these have been lost or stolen, you will be entitled to only one free replacement by emailing Dreddrick Brown at [email protected].

Never Received a FBI Retirement Credentials or an identification card?

Contact your nearest field office and ask for the person in charge of retired credentials. You will most likely need to make an appointment to visit the field office in person to provide a signature and a have your photograph taken.